Sunday, October 25, 2015

Lesson Planning

Hi all! It has been a crazy year (I feel like I say that every single year but seriously, this year I feel like I am never caught up). We had a delay start (after Labor Day) and a strike so we did not start until late September.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am teaching a 1/2 combo classroom this year. I am enjoying it so much and was glad I got to keep about 8 of my kiddos from the previous year. They have definitely been a BIG help, especially with the first graders.

Because I am teaching a combo classroom, I feel like I need to be intentional about EVERYTHING I do just to ensure that both grade levels are getting what they need specifically.

Some might call me a bit OCD or crazy but every week I create a glance at my week lesson plan, "I can" statements for learning targets, and detailed lesson plan for math/guided reading.

Pictures are included below.

Sorry I have been MIA but I promise I will try to blog more often.