Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daily 5 and Cafe

I went to two amazing literacy workshops this week, Daily 5 and Cafe.  I am excited to get started.  I have been told that Cafe should not be done in kindergarten but I am giving it a try.  I learned so much this week, I don't know where to store all my knowledge.  I am excited to get started on decorating my conferring notebook!


  1. I've read The Daily 5 and am in love with the concept. I also teach Kindergarten and want to use it with my kids. I haven't had any official training. Why shouldn't we use CAFE in Kindergarten?

  2. A lot of people told me that it was too advance for kindergartners. But after going to both the daily 5 and CAFE workshop, CAFE is doable in kindergarten. They have their own emergent readers menu.

  3. I know this comment is a while after your post, but I have to say....I've been using Daily 5 & CAFE in my kindergarten for the past three years and LOVE IT! It is not too advanced for the kids and I've seen amazing results. I teach two half day sessions. In June this year, I had 8 reading at grade level, 24 above grade level, and only 4 below grade level and they were my Intensive Needs kiddos. I know its because of the Daily 5 structure and the strategies they learned through CAFE. Not bad for half day K!