Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of School

On my class list, I originally had 29 kindergartners but 5 did not show up today.  It felt great knowing that my class size was smaller than I expected but who knows, they might show up tomorrow.  I was surprise how independent my students were.  Yes, on the first day of Kindergarten! I started Math Work Stations, of course they were just math manipulative for them to explore with but I didn't hear a single "Miss Nguyen!"  It felt nice for once because I kept hearing that over and over and over again all day.  I didn't have any meltdown, thank goodness.  Today went smooth.  We came up with the classroom rules together, did a cut/glue activity, explore math manipulative, and read "The Kissing Hand."  My feet are killing me even though I wore flats.  I am looking forward to another fun yet tiring day tomorrow!

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