Friday, November 2, 2012

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KinderKapers said...

I love Dr. Jean too! She is my go-to girl.

Terri Izatt

Bright Concepts 4 Teachers said...

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays too. Good luck getting ready for parent teacher conferences. I am in the middle of report cards right now too. We can do it!
Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

Sherrie said...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I am looking forward to it. My middle son had a bday recently and he kept telling me that all he wanted was "spare cash" so he could order lego sets off Amazon. ;)

Can I ask what font you used in your currently? I love it!

Ash said...

Oh my goodness I loved the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode. It was so intense!

And Dr. Jean is the best! Love her songs!

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