Friday, November 1, 2013

Currently November

From my currently, you can guess that I am quite busy this year.  That's what I get for wanting my life to be a bit more exciting and staying busy.  I got what I asked.  Between National Board, teaching a new grade level (which I LOVE by the way), having a student teacher, and of course juggling with a million other things, I have no free time.  But it's okay!

Well here is my November Currently.  Join the fun by visiting Oh' Boy 4th grade blog. 

Listening:  Washing machine since my friday nights are usually catching up on house work, such as, loading the dishwasher, doing laundry, and etc.  Anything else except work on my National Board since that's what Saturdays and Sundays are for :)

Loving:  Whew, I made it through Halloween and the day after alive! Okay, my first graders were awesome.  I was so proud of them and how well they were behaving.  Life is first grade is good.  I am also loving the month of November because of several weeks, I am turning 26.  I feel so old.

Thinking:  I need to get my butt in gear and focus on National Board.  I have about 6 months until it is May 15th.

Wanting:  I feel like there is not enough hours in a day.  I am also wanting a break.  A vacation sounds AMAZING right now.

Needing:  Who doesn't need clothes, boots, massage, or more time? 

Yummy Pin:  If you know me at all, you know that I DO NOT know how to cook or bake.  I have been wanting to try to bake these apple pie cookies but it is beyond my skill level so I just have to look at the picture and drool.  I love apple pies!

Don't they look delicious?  I would do anything for some right now.  Someone bake em' and ship them to me :)

 Happy Friday! And thank you for reading my blog and listening to me constantly complain about National Board :)


  1. OMGosh, those apple pie cookies look amazing! I have got to try those!

    Extra Special Teaching

  2. Congratulations on getting your National Boards! That's quite an undertaking, so it's understandable that you are wanting a break. Here's hoping that you find some time to slow down and relax soon!

    The Learning Lodge