Saturday, July 9, 2011

I have a problem and it is my addiction toward spending money on my classroom!

Every time I go to Target or Dollar Tree, I have to buy things for my classroom.  I will tell myself oh it is only $1 but somehow every trip I end up spending over $25.  And because Lakeshore Learning is having their 20% off sale, I went there and purchased everything that I felt I needed.  Ended up leaving the price $300 poorer. But I know my kiddos will love all the goodies I got!

But I need to brag about all the books I got today for $225.  I got over 300 books at Half Price Books sale.  Look at all the amazing books I got for my classroom library.  My goal is to buy at least 400 more books so I can have at least 1,000 books in my classroom library.  I need to purchase more non-fiction and math books!

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