Friday, August 2, 2013

Currently August

Wow, this summer sure did fly by.  I am excited that summer is coming to an end because this girl cannot stand the heat.  My favorite season is coming up next, Fall!!  This past week I was attending a 4 day National Board Jump Start event.  It was so helpful and hopefully I am some what prepare for my national board.  I am looking forward to the new school year in a new grade level.  So excited! I can't wait for school to begin.  I know, call me crazy :)



  1. You beat me! :) I put on my post that I was the 371 person linking up...but that is YOU!...I have the pencil sharpener that is all over the is AWESOME...last year I bought the 3 pack because it was cheaper that way...2 other teachers bought the others from me...I didn't see where you live, but don't thing you'd enjoy visiting me in the summer...I live in the high desert of Southern's been 105-110 most of the summer! Under your picture it says you are a kindergarten teacher...your new or old grade level? Well, nice to meet you!

  2. I love the fall too, but more when I lived in the states. Here in England it is rarely hot (although recently we've had a heatwave), so it seems wrong to wish away the warm weather!
    I hope it starts to cool down for you and good luck for the upcoming year!

  3. Hi Sally,

    Congrats on pursuing your National Boards. Going through the process really got me to reflect about my art of teaching. I am an Early Childhood NBCT. I have scored and mentored teachers going through the process. Hopefully you'll have a support team. If not, I may be able to help out with some questions or tips.

    Also your last name is related to half of my relatives. :0)

    Good luck!

  4. Fall is my favorite season as well! I think it will be colder than normal, because we've had such a mild summer in Oklahoma.