Thursday, July 17, 2014

Curriculum Map, Lesson Plan for First Week, Math, & Freebie

My teammates and I have met several times to curriculum map for the entire year! We completed the map for literacy, social studies, writing, and science. Because we are adopting a new math curriculum, we are waiting until we attend the training before we include it in our curriculum map. I am looking forward to next year! I am excited about my new team and feel like we are going to work really well together! Yay! In addition to curriculum mapping, we also lesson plan for the first week of school. I feel like I am ready to start next week even though we have about a month before school starts. I just get really excited! Here is a peek of our first week and curriculum map.

Amy Lemons from Step into 2nd grade with Mrs. Lemons has inspire me to switch up my math block for next year. This past school year we did a walk to math model so it was hard to fit everything in within an hour. We did it but I would like to extend my math block for a bit longer. So my plan for math block includes: 10-15 mini lesson and 3 math rotations. My rotation includes: work with teacher, math workbook pages (part of Math in Focus curriculum so we are require to do this daily), technology, and 5 various math activities/centers. Students will get to choose the math activities/centers but will need to go to technology (ST Math) and complete the workbook pages from our lesson daily. So they get one extra center to choose from (one of the five activities/centers).

In addition to our math block, I also incorporate number talks and math journal daily outside of my math block.  I created some number talks activities to use with my class.  If you would like to purchase, click here.

I finally got around to updating my book hospital label so I hope you enjoy this freebie. Click here to download. Thank you for reading!

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