Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tour of my Classroom

 Let me start off by saying I am not done with my classroom setup yet. I am just giving you a sneak peek. Things are getting done slowly but surely. I still have lots to do. This is just a quick glimpse of the work in progress. I have only worked on my room for 4 days, that means taking EVERYTHING out of boxes. Here is a brief history: our "old" school is getting built so we had to move to a temporary site. It was such a pain to pack up everything at the end of school year and then unpacking those boxes. So it took me a few days to just take all my stuff out of boxes. Oh well, I'm not complaining :) We are co-housing with another elementary school for 2 years while our new school is being built.  Enough is a sneak peek. No judging :)

Before pictures:



I will be posting more pictures when I get my classroom complete. We don't start until September 3rd so I have a few more days to complete my room.

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  1. Bless your heart that you had to move EVERYTHING! Looking forward to your post w/ the total classroom reveal!

    Learning at the Teacher Table